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First MNP Challenge in Eindhoven

On November 4th 2016 SMART Photonics (SMART) in Eindhoven successfully passed the Challenge of the Make Next Platform (MNP) and was consequently admitted to the Virtual Accelerator of the MNP. The company’s Management Board consists of Richard Visser (founder and CEO), Robert Feelders (CFO) and Luc Augustin (CTO).

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E52: SMART Photonics eerste bedrijf in Make Next Platform

Eindhoven based SMART Photonics is the first company in the accelerator of the new Make Next Platform. SMART Photonics, which focuses on the development of integrated photonic chips, led by Richard Visser, Robert Feelders and Luc Augustin. Founder Richard Visser was one of the winners of a High Tech Peak Award.

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Make Next Platform at Medium

Where are the new Dutch hardware companies? Many start-ups in the manufacturing industrie are located in the United States and successful Dutch companies are relocating there as well. Peter Wennink, President and CEO at ASML, analyses this trend and explains how start-ups benefit from help provided by …

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